Beach Whiskey



We just love the beach!

Conceived in two different flavors, Island Coconut and Bonfire Cinnamon, Beach Whiskey’s mix-ability lets you reinvent your favorite cocktails and discover new ones without interrupting your daytime chill as it turns into your nighttime thrill.. Our unique filtration process creates a distinctly smooth, round mouthfeel that gives Beach Whiskey drinkability unlike other harsh whiskeys, making it perfect on its own or in a cocktail.

That’s because traditional whiskeys are barrel aged giving them their traditional brown color and taste. Beach Whiskey bypasses the barrel aging process yielding a whiskey that is as pure and clear as sunshine.

A partner in the brand, country star Jake Owen has helped our team create a cleaner and more approachable spirit. "I mean it's hard to go out there and open up a bottle of dark root whiskey or rum when it's hot outside. Beach Whiskey is made for summertime sipping'!"

Our Team

It's what's on the inside that counts

Rebecca Running

Chief Executive Officer

Chuck Trout

Investor Relations and Capital Ventures

Andrea Yorgy

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Patrick McLane

Lead Controller

Meg Hochstetler

Director of Communications and Supplier Relations



Santa Monica, CA